Sunday Night Blues

We’ve all been there, Sunday night, just about to fall asleep when that feeling of dread about the coming week hits. Did that report go to print? Do I have enough time to complete those missed tasks? Are my team prepared for next week’s presentation?

Art of the State

Did you know that the cognitive state you induce within your target audience actually influences how they’ll feel about your brand?

Identity is not a matter of fact – it is a fiction

The way we appear says things and we make judgements on what we see all the time. In marketing it is our job to dance on reality and give the audience make-believe. It is our profession to embrace the illusion and bend perception in the mirror of our targets’ eyes.

Are you ready for the purpose economy?

An increasing number of customers and employees are beginning to hold brands to account by raising important questions like; ‘do the brands I support align with my values and beliefs?’ and, ‘is there a more meaningful exchange for my services beyond my paycheque?’