Necessity is the mother of reinvention

While nothing is certain a post-pandemic world is likely to see a new customer landscape based around different sets of priorities and economics. For many of us, reverting to business-as-usual may not be an option: how will your brand emerge?

Turning physical into digital

Travel restrictions and social distancing mean contact is off the table for the foreseeable future. From sales decks to leadgen, could you turn B2B activities into digital experiences?

10 ways to be ready for the new norm

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, we’re reminded not just of how fragile life is but also how interconnected and interdependent our lives have become. No one knows what the true impact of this pandemic will be, but one thing is for certain, things are changing in a big way both personally and professionally.

Get to the heart of things in emotive times

Whether you’re deciding which socks to put on, or specifying a new company-wide printing system, it’s now apparent that even our most practical, seemingly rational decisions originate in the emotional centres of the human brain[1].

Prophecy from the twilight zone

This blog is written from the twilight zone – literally. We left Heathrow at 4pm and will arrive in Calgary at 6pm and the sun has been setting for 6 hours – tests the concept of a red sky at night…

Ready to clean up?

The Clean Economy looks set to benefit society to the tune of trillions of dollars[1] – whether it’s through the creation of new jobs from emerging industries, or thanks to wellbeing improvements that will lead to healthcare savings – the positive economic effects are expected to be wide ranging.