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Fuelling international growth


Founded in 1980, Alkhorayef Petroleum Company is the only Middle Eastern manufacturer of electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and horizontal pumping systems (HPS) for oil and gas applications.


In 2018 Alkhorayef embarked on an ambitious program to further extend its international footprint and widen its product and service offering – enabling the business to compete on equal terms with multinational service companies. Meeting these strategic aims would require a strengthened global brand.

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Competitors largely talked about how long their pumps would run. This gave Alkhorayef the opportunity to focus on more human aspects – after all, even the best pumps need engineers to design them, technicians to assemble them, expert personnel to specify them and local service teams on hand to maintain them. The pumps themselves were only one part of the equation that kept things flowing. What customers valued most of all – from pumps and their providers – was continuity.



We adopted the idea of ‘always…’ to reflect Alkhorayef’s localized, round-the-clock nature to service, and meeting customers’ need for continuity.

The brand’s identity required a pragmatic solution to balance the organisation’s Middle Eastern heritage with its global-scale ambition. Our solution focused on the passage of time as a way of reflecting the ‘Always…’ proposition.

Photography captured day-in-the-life moments from a macro to micro level; helping demonstrate service in action through the deployment of tools, equipment and solutions. The concept is further witnessed through an updated logo, graphic symbols and patterns that represent phases of the moon. Finally, we used bold typographic statements to express the results of continuity across different customer contexts – Always producing, Always focused, Always advancing…

Following the initial positioning and design phases, Emberson Consulting then worked with Emberson Marketing’s team to deliver a broad range of materials in time to relaunch a refreshed brand on an international stage in Dubai at ADIPEC in November.

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“I’ve been massively impressed with the support and teamwork I’ve received from Emberson. And that’s without mentioning the quality of the work. What you do really is a craft. It’s plainly obvious compared to previous attempts, and to other marketing materials seen elsewhere. In fact, the news people even phoned us to say how impressed they were.”

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