Deliver on your strategy

Accomplishing any goal involves people – attracting them, informing them, uniting them and inspiring them. And changing anyone's behaviour in the first instance means getting them to believe.

Whether you need to boost sales, launch a new service or merge five companies, Emberson Brand generates the brand belief to deliver on your strategy.

Deliver on your strategy

Brand belief for
business gain

Working with clients across the world we develop and position brands, creating campaigns that inspire belief and action. We know what works and how to make the whole experience a more enjoyable ride.


Our strategy work provides clearer starting points. Using workshops and research we aim to remove any confusion or uncertainty surrounding the position and direction of your brand at the company, service or product level. This clarity also helps you to identify and strengthen what makes you different – a vital factor in getting brands noticed and remembered.


"Together we've done some great work: creating brands, defining categories, provoking the market, pushing boundaries. I know that your skills and experience will be key to what's next."


EDF Energy Healthcare Hollister Schlumberger Alkhorayef MHR People First

Brands have to go beyond how organisations look, to consider how they work. Which is why we explore every facet of a brand's visual and verbal language when creating effective identities, campaigns or marketing communications. This often starts with analysing the competition, getting into the heads of customers and looking to the future to find the right visual insights and creative starting points.

Whether you need a name and visual identity to package a new service offer, an injection of creativity for your latest campaign, or simply want some fresh creative thinking to take your brand to the next level, why not get in touch and see how Emberson can help?


"I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Emberson on a challenging brand transformation programme that was demanding on many fronts. The format was highly collaborative, engaging and, most of all, great fun! The project proceeded at a swift pace and we achieved our goal almost too quickly."


EDF Energy Healthcare Hollister Schlumberger Alkhorayef MHR People First

Your toolkit provides everything you need to bring the thinking to life and deliver on your strategy. Bespoke to your requirements, example contents can include the following: a competitive positioning framework; a matrix of customer-focused messaging segmented by audience and drivers; creative concepts for marketing campaigns; content calendars for social media; brand guidelines; storyboards, scripts and sales presentations… Together your toolkit acts as a consistent reference point for all the brand, sales and marketing conversations that follow.


"It really is amazing to see how this has picked up a lot of people and provided them with the tools they need to go forward and work towards our goals."


EDF Energy Healthcare Hollister Schlumberger Alkhorayef MHR People First

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Meet your team

We are a group of seasoned brand professionals, proven over years of experience gained at some of the world's most respected agencies.

Working closely with organisational leaders and the C-Suite we get to the heart of complex topics quickly: from legal services to satellite connectivity at sea.



Applying philosophy, psychology and experience to deliver sustainable competitive advantage »

Andy applies his own blend of philosophical and psychological knowledge and experience to deliver transformative, quantifiable and sustainable competitive advantage to corporates, governments and educational institutions.

Bringing a valuable outside-in perspective and outstanding analytical skills, he facilitates collaborative discussions among business and organisation leaders. Using tried-and-tested proprietary frameworks and models, Andy ensures clients and their brands communicate not only what they do, but more importantly what they mean.


  • Qualitative research (interviews, web and desk)
  • Customer profiling and stakeholder analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive brand positioning
  • Workshop facilitation (C-suite level)
  • Differentiated proposition development
  • Stakeholder messaging (framework development)
  • Brand naming and brand image development
  • Creative campaign strategy and planning


Positioning, branding and communicating in a more thoughtful way »

Working with B2B organisations around the world since 1996, Rich's thinking and creativity has made a substantial contribution to the visibility and impact of brands in a wide range of sectors; including energy, engineering, environmental, healthcare and telecommunications.

Rich has covered a lot of ground. He's put words into the mouths of company presidents as they launched global initiatives and named everything from pressure gauges to girls' toys to international businesses. He also once wrote a rap for a dance video about where the meat comes from for Burger King.


  • Product, service and company naming
  • Marcoms campaign concepts and scamps
  • Positioning copy and value propositions
  • Headlines, taglines and customer messaging
  • Storyboarding and sequencing
  • Social media campaign content
  • LinkedIn article writing and blogging
  • Brand tone of voice guidelines


Supporting strategic creativity whilst delivering projects on time and in budget »

With ten years' experience in multiple agency settings managing clients and projects from FMCG to healthcare, Helen has worked on a huge variety of projects and campaigns including CGI, web & app development, branding, social media and all aspects of campaign execution.

Helen has a passion for branding and supporting the delivery of exceptional strategy and creativity through strong briefing and project management.


  • Project and stakeholder management
  • Brief development
  • Team leadership
  • Digital & technology
  • Strategy development
  • Campaign management